Greek yogurt and honey facial mask

I found a little bit of greek yogurt sitting happily in the fridge the other day… I also remembered a huge jar of honey from my mum hiding in the cupboard. Well, you can’t really make a meal out of it, but you can make a fantastic facial mask!


1 tbsp natural greek yogurt

1 tbsp honey

Combine these lovely ingredients and apply them to your clean skin. Leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You will feel an instant freshness! Honey will nourish your skin and yogurt will get deep into pores leaving your skin clean and clear.


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    I have to try this, sounds great! How often would you recommend using this face mask per week?

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    I am glad you like it :) Once a week should be more than enough, otherwise skin gets tired :)

    It all depends on you skin type. If your skin is dry, stick to using face mask once a week. If it’s oily, use the mask 2-3 times a week. But I would recommend using face masks just once a week :)

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    Ooooh this sounds lovely!! I have been breaking out more than usual lately, and have been thinking of just using a pure honey mask, but the yogurt sounds great. I will give it a try. 😉

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      Honey mask is definitely worth trying. I love it! And my skin loves it :) I like yogurt & honey mask because it’s very refreshing and so simple :)

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    WOW! This is wonderful. I make my own yogurt at home. This should be so nice, I want to try! By the way yogurt is an amazing food, very healthy food and for everything… Thank you dear Kristina, with my love, nia

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    Awww home made yogurt!!! Delicious! I hope you like the mask; it’s simple, but so powerful! :) Have a great day!

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      It’s lovely, I really like it and I just treated my face skin to it 😀

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    A friend recommended did facial mask as well!

    Sounds easy to do. :)

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      I love the simplicity of this mask, and costs as well :) It takes no time to make it and skin loves it :)

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    geras dalykas, as panasia su grietine darausi kartais:)

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    Yogurt and honey mixture is also good for weight loss:) Nice post keep it up^^^^^^^^^^

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      Thanks so much :) Everything what’s good for your body is good for your skin 😀

  9. Leann says

    What kind of honey do you recommend? Manuka or anything?

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      Manuka is very good, but also very expensive :) I use all kinds of honey, whatever I have handy :)

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    greek yogart is my fave to use when I do my honey and yogart faical… it’s the best..

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      There is nothing better than a good home made face mask :)

  11. brittany says

    Can I warm up the yogurt so it penetrates my pores better? Or will it deplete the nutrients?

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      Yoghurt tends to curdle when warmed up. I would use it cold as it cools down the skin and helps restore PH balance.